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Company Background


Henley Brands was founded with a mission to create heirloom quality products - timeless items that will last many years or will be passed down through generations.  We know we've succeeded each time we receive first person accounts like these:


"This is just like the metal flashlight my Grandfather kept in the back of his old Ford pickup truck when I was a kid!  Love that you've upgraded it to an LED bulb and wrapped it in soft leather. My favorite gift ever!"


"My Uncle Roy wore safety glasses like these and I remember thinking he was a real man doing real work whenever he came in from a long day at the plant. He'd often come in with his face covered in dirt & sweat, save for the area covered by his Buddy Holly looking safety glasses."


"I'm so glad to have a Bluetooth speaker that doesn't look like a chunk of plastic. The perforated grill reminds me of radios we had around the house when I was little.  This leather case is beautifully sewn and it sounds amazing."


"We rode horses every week when I was younger.  Your Horseshoes built into the wood Farrier's case brought back such fond memories of spending time at the stables.  It's an incredibly clever way to house a game that we love playing each summer. Thanks Mr. Henley!"


What is a gift? 


We realize that many Henley items are bought and then given as gifts - so we better understand the nature of great gifting.  Anyone can buy a present, but gift giving is an art.  It’s an intuition, a sixth sense.  It’s the confidence that a surprise will be met with a smile.  The art of gifting is about anticipating your friends’ aspirations.  A good gift needs to be authentic, timeless, purposeful and even romantic – the romance of solo travel, spy novels and a John Wayne western.  A good gift combines practicality with possibility  – like the Henley products pictured above.



Henley Design 

The right mix of ingenuity and authenticity is the compass we use when designing and manufacturing our products.  We use real leather, solid brass, hardened and food grade stainless steel, solid wood and even repurposed antiques to build our designs, many which are designs we've brought back to life from designs built 50 - 100 years ago - or at least have that timeless feel to them. 


Henley’s design aesthetic straddles the Atlantic - having one foot in finely engineered European design and the other foot in the practical functionality of classic American goods – often termed a “Yankee Sensibility.”  Our highly practical pieces are responsibly made all over the world, with a remarkable passion for the authenticity and craftsmanship of a bygone era. At each stage in the product development and manufacturing process Mr. Henley's spirit is on our shoulder whispering answers to, “What would Henley do?” Decades of combined experience designing, creating and curating high-quality products provides a clear path to making each product worthy of the Henley name.



Private Label Relationships


Private label items created by the Henley Brands team have been sold at high end retail stores and chains for over a decade.  Though Henley branded items first shipped in late 2013, we've been honing our highly specialized creative and manufacturing skills for 15 years prior. During that time, we've made custom high quality goods for stores whose careful attention to detail and design curation we greatly admire.  A partial list of retailers for whom we have done private label work in the past includes:



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